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por el momento mejor lista de directorios gratis
2011-12-28, 07:49 AM
Mensaje: #81
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The sight of three of the sexiest women he had ever seen, especially the sight of Regina just having seduced young Cheri, his own sister, left poor David just too aroused to be turned away.She now enjoyed masturbating while others watched, and she was still so hot that she would fuck anything or anyone, especially as long as Lizzie was staring at her so lewdly.For about the next hour, we were treated to the sounds of some rather unimaginative sex from above us, as we quietly kissed and fondled each other in the dark of the laundry heap.It was really a thrill considering how little we actually did.I have never been in a domination scene with anyong, I have just fantasized about it.I'm always interested/curious to see if I think any different from other women just because of my gay experiences.Keeping peace in the family just refers to our marriage.Hugs Karena Fm: * Cat * 70267,2177 To: * Cathy * 70247,2557 Cathy Communication is probably a lot of the key to the variance to what is "c5 ortable" and what is not.
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2011-12-28, 09:51 AM
Mensaje: #82
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I took off his jacket and, with trembling fingers, unbuttoned his shirt.In fact I find it rather interesting that you like to smell other women on your husband.I find your stories great, don't stop.Leaning forward slightly, I touched just the tip of my tongue to the "V" underneath the head, then flattened the surface of my tongue across the underside, warming it with my breath and barely lifting it with my tongue."You want some hard cock, little slut.when I showered this morning, I leaned back against the tile wall, sank slowly to the floor after turning the water off, basked in the remaining steam and spread my legs leisurely."What the hell" I thought, and I pulled Jeff's pants off, and then his shirt.) I take your hand and help you into the tub and turn on the Jacuzi and say, "We need some supplies, I'll be right back".
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2011-12-28, 05:33 PM
Mensaje: #83
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As I've mentioned, I enjoy a bra-less woman as much as the next guy." You're mine," he muttered, excited now, thrusting his swollen cock deeper and deeper until I didn't know where his body ended and mine began.As far as knowing how to turn someone on, are you talking physically or mentally.We worked together.smiled at each other.and one day at a company party, went for a walk.Can we stop now." Janet went to the side of the bed, and placed a gentle kiss on Karen's cheek.I didn't like the message about using the kittens to lick up the cream that was on the tied down women.In fact her best orgasms are during penetration, that's when she likes to cum best.Kathy told me once that she really liked having sex with me because I was able to bring her up close to an climax and then back off and take her down slowly and then back up again several times.
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2011-12-29, 09:56 PM
Mensaje: #84
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It's a shame that part of your note was garbled.We grabbed a couple of six packs and ice on the way out and filled the cooler in my van.He then lowered his head to suck my nipples, squeezing and biting gently."Touch me." I whispered in his ear, caressing his now hard penis through his pants.I still think you're sweet - and I do understand, honest.I cried out in sheer terror, thinking he was going to rip me in two.Net: Also, do they get to pick with whom they will have sex.I'll see what I can do.
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2011-12-30, 03:34 PM
Mensaje: #85
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Morgan sucked and sucked, slurping at her nipple while rubbing the other big, hanging tit."I measured it the first time I saw it." She added proudly.MICHAEL'S RESPONSE: I am very responsive to the possibility of a discreet encounter with a sensitive, responsive lady.I slide it in slowly, moaning with delight.I do the left leg in similar fashion, though my fingers lightly brush against the small tuft of hair fingers lightly -almost accidently push against your pussy as my strokes reach the top of the inner surface of your thighs.We went into different rooms and switched into bathing suits.Kristin and Dianne were obviously very much in love with each other.I felt the cool air between my asscheeks, and I could occasionally feel her warm breath as she conducted a visual inspection of my ass.
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2011-12-30, 05:53 PM
Mensaje: #86
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I could see his bulge forming against his shorts.I love sex a lot, but the big problem is that my lover (Julie) or I are so busy and our sexual session usually take 1 to 2 hours.What feels best, manual or oral stimulation.Amy talked about how she had been attracted to Debbie for a long time but was afraid to say anything for fear of ruining a good friendship.It was one of those cold winter nights (well it doesn't get all that cold in Berkeley but it seemed that way).The lounge was set up so that her head was up enough to see me while we talked.My cock began to grow, as it does now as I think back on that evening.Her lips parted as his pressed against his, and she brazenly thrust her tongue into his mouth.
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2011-12-31, 09:25 AM
Mensaje: #87
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I tried as hard as I could to struggle, as I still wasn't exactly sure what was going on.You've come to a dinner party at my house.She'd find every excuse in the book not to have sex.Admitedly I am quite a bit different now.-Jay Fm: George V., 'cause.Fm: BOB B." With a smile, he raised his heavy boot and kicked me in the shoulder.
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2011-12-31, 03:26 PM
Mensaje: #88
food stocking list
5" again and reach for the rod that had given you such pleasure a short time ago, but I pull away and say not yet love, later.we did lots of things together and she's a great mom for the kids."Well.It took a moment before she realized she was no longer asleep and dreaming.but, how's a guy supposed to learn about this stuff.It makes me feel kind of warm to look back on it.I had slipped two more fingers in Jill's freshly stretched hole and was finger- fucking her and watching her hips rock in time with my hand.In fact, Mistress often has me tell others of my life as her total slave.
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2011-12-31, 06:18 PM
Mensaje: #89
public school better than private
but I'm not alltogether sure if it was one orgasm that just kept growing or if it was several that started small and ended up big."Gooooood.At the same time I pulled myself up by my arms to hug him around the neck (I sure didn't want to get kissed by him).She pulled off my underwear releasing my aching cock and made a cooing noise before saying simply "Ooooo Baby".I'd love to share her with you.Deb's legs parted like water and her hips thrusted upwards at the touch.In the past (marriage) he really was *too* kinky, but current relationship luckily is equal.I wish you could shove your whole hand in me, I don't care.
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2012-01-01, 12:37 AM
Mensaje: #90
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Anyway, we'd like to find out more about anyone who is interested in meeting with us based on our likes and dislikes and then possibly set up a get together.You lift me off the table and we hurry into the living room to lay on the soft carpet there.Love, Michael Dear Jennifer, I'm writing tonight to let you know I've been thinking of your sexy body all day long.Except for a finger, your ass hole has never been penetrated, but you feel something like a marble being forced past your sphincter.The suntan oil sounds like a good idea because I like the smell of it.He used it mainly to store hay for his cows, and hardly ever came there during the summer.When Eric saw it, he exclaimed, "Oh, shit," and nearly knocked over the camera trying to focus in on it.He later came down and I told him about it and he decided he didn't like it and he moved in with his father that he hadn't seen since he was about 5.
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