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por el momento mejor lista de directorios gratis
2012-01-01, 01:56 AM
Mensaje: #91
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23-May-86 09:00:07 Dear Brenda: I'm delighted to learn that it can be as much fun as I imagine it to be.Sex is an important part of my life and my husband really knows how to turn me on.When you think you can't take anymore, I stop."Not bad, not bad, uh, let's try it again from another angle." Eric was so turned on, he could barely speak.Like a shark in a feeding frenzy, I open my mouth and extend my tongue to consume all I can.I dearly love Jill, and she loves me too.Her ass was tight and rounded in perfect proportion to her tits.Kathy used to go bra-less once in a while but; she had very firm breasts and not too large.
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2012-01-01, 02:00 PM
Mensaje: #92
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wet and hungry .That is pretty much the way it was with my first marriage.A little later, I went to Ken's office to ask if he'd be ready to leave early.I'd then lick my fingers, lick them dry and clean.She could feel the big shaft and head of Ross' cock pistoning up and down in her slippery, hot lust-juicing cunt." Jane slipped her thumbs beneath the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to he ankles.In fact, Peggy once told me that if there was anything I needed practice at it was going down on her.The motions were graciously received by me as my clitoris was being royally stimulated.
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2012-01-01, 03:11 PM
Mensaje: #93
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Her lips were pouting and wet, and she smiled at me again.It makes me hot just writing about it.I could vaguely see the director and camera men and a few of the "stars" still sitting there rapt.I smile as I take the note off the door and enter the house.After a bit of petting I was pretty wet and he sat me on the vanity and put his lovely cock inside me.Jill was in the front seat, and I could hear her moan but I couldn't see what was going on.WE HAD A THREESOME AND LATER WE WATCHED AS WE ALL FUCKED AND SUCKED EACH OTHER.We're gonna let you stay and watch, but if my ole-lady gets involved, you keep your fuckin eyes off of her, you understand.
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2012-01-01, 04:22 PM
Mensaje: #94
starred opposite an angel
NOW MICHAEL..FUCK ME NOW.Well, I guess that everyone has their hang-ups.Anytime that you would like some long conversation and a nice long massage, leave me some mail and we'll see if we can't get together.Perhaps it was my ego.A lot of times we use strap on dildos or other toys to help out during our periods.I just can't understand those women." she asked in a faraway tone.Breasts.
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2012-01-01, 06:43 PM
Mensaje: #95
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Why don't you share a few of your fantasies with me .All four of us were spent now.So did my eyes as she was not particularly worried as to how she sat or laid about the house.she moans "yes" so I continue .I'm basically straight in my married life (though it is strained and the thought of straying is very tempting).very selective.and very discrete.I was brought back to reality (.You know, women can see these things.His wide chest was tight and smooth and muscular and tapered to his perfectly flat stomach and narrow waist.
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2012-01-01, 09:03 PM
Mensaje: #96
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As he poured his whole being into each monstrous stab, I slowly, juicily and with obvious relish, absorbed more and more of the incredible staff.We lived in a hilly area and had just come home from shopping.Jill and I moved over to get closer.She grabbed my cock, positioned herself over it, and slammed her glistening, shaved pussy down on me, impaling herself on my ramrod.yes, those breasts.You wrap your legs around my waist and begin thrusting hard and fast."I think I might.-> From: Mary -> To: Sara susan, I think you are experiencing what a lot of women do.
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2012-01-03, 07:19 PM
Mensaje: #97
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I love to get the clit in my mouth and suck on it and feel it get hard between my lips.I thought we'd never leave.It gets hard to make her cum when She pulls on the clamps hanging from my small tits though.You look so sweet and lovely laying asleep in my arms, it's hard for me to believe how hot and horny you were last night.My husband is a very considerate lover and not pushy (except in the right way) so it works out okay.When the sequence with the men starts, your suspicions are confirmed.I saw stars.I had just taken a shower and he came in naked, backed me up to the vanity and started necking.
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2012-01-03, 11:30 PM (Este mensaje fue modificado por última vez en: 2012-01-04 12:16 AM por JahmupEmumB.)
Mensaje: #98
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We tried to resume our daily routines, but Amanda was tense and restless and irritable."Gooooood.Then I just had to have him in my mouth.I knew that I would have to get off one more time before I could call it quits for the night.One of my fantasies I shared with my boyfriend was making love with another female - but mostly in the context of a 3-some - and it had been an exciting part of our lovemaking to discuss what would happen between me and the other female.The ice had been broken with our first kiss and this time we just melted into each other's mouth.I love to take my time licking my way over every you have it.
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For the next several years when I masturbated I pretended it was her doing it to me.(the Boston Phoenix realizes this and deliberately edits 'kinky' (does not include gay by their definition) ads to ba as unattractive as possible) Frank Just a short question to the more knowledgeable types out there: Which of the contact magazines are best from a response, nationwide distribution, and amount of readership standpoint.God I love to come quickly and many times but I will have to do it without you.It was strange to watch her reach down and ease his enormous, swollen penis out of her, and see some cream already leaking out of her vagina at the same time that big, thick ropes of semen were leaping out the end of his dick.But I was too far gone to care.Please hurry with the details of your continuing torture.And she's got a REAL nice ass on her.After insuring that any muscular tension has disipated, I move backwards to kneel at your feet.
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2012-01-04, 01:02 AM (Este mensaje fue modificado por última vez en: 2012-01-04 01:47 AM por JahmupEmumB.)
Mensaje: #99
sarah parrish legs stockings
So I assented .Jill pulled it loose, moving her face close to his manhood.As I said.Well, I mean it this time.sometimes, my hole doesn't like to be fuckin' empty.I have not called it and probably won't.I saw that you mentioned that you have had a homosexual experience.When you change the angle, it should change the amount of pressure on your clitoris and since you will be pretty much controling the action, you will be able to make the speed coincide with the pressure that you want at the time.
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Nonetheless, I was rising nearly as fast as she was.Grandpa's barn was way off in a field by itself, surrounded by a few old oak trees on the sides and back.Helplessness .Deb was sitting up in a crosslegged position beside us and stroking us both as Amy and I thrust our hips together.Net: If she isn't either bi-sexual or gay, was she aroused in scenes where she had to play with other women.But it was not enough.So, after moistening my lips with my tongue, I slowly peeled just the front of your snug underpants downward about an inch, revealing just the head of your glorious COCK.There was one guy (Mark Wallace) that I had outside relationship with and that made the work more enjoyable.
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2012-01-04, 02:34 AM (Este mensaje fue modificado por última vez en: 2012-01-04 03:21 AM por JahmupEmumB.)
Mensaje: #100
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Just asking because you said you wanted to keep peace in the family.No I don't mind talking about my swinging." She hesitated, blushing.Her tender touch brought my wife closer to her and she moved to place her lips upon my wife's mouth.Then after you get off work, we go out to EAT.You mentioned computer sex.I'd do it if the rest of you would be there too.I guess oral is the best for me but my husband doesn't do it very often even though he says he likes it.
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it turns out that she had been keeping herself under control for several months and that was the trick that made her lose it.I did indulge in some petting with someone other than my husband though.Tell me about you..They (except for my ex-wife) seem to appriciate it.I don't like screwing in beer.She also likes to suck my clit while I'm helplessly tied till i'm begging her to make me cum, then she'll stop long enough for me to simmer down then start over again.I like to have him serve me for one night and then I recipercate the next night.Most of the time I like to take at least 10 minutes.
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