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2012-01-09, 05:52 AM
Mensaje: #131
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D.Ben's hands were still massaging Rita's tense nipples.If you're 'normal' you can probably do fairly well-- at least it's better for the liver thant the bar scene.You can hear the vibrator, but you can't feel it."What a lovely sight," said Bill.I cought them on the sofa about six months ago, she was giving him head.Well, we would start by just getting relaxed in pleasant conversation.Do you have a current lover.
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2012-01-09, 08:11 AM
Mensaje: #132
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I know whats coming and it does she melts some on my dick that now hurts because its getting hard and it cant straighten out and can't cum.You just rest for now.Was she worried, turned off, or otherwise disgusted if she knew that what she was doing was actually arousing/getting a female co-star off (I guess that doesn't apply if she's bi or gay).Comforted by my closeness, your head returns to the pillow as you release a deep breath in a sigh of relief.Swallow, Jenny, taste my come in your mouth, know that I have _made_ you do what you wanted to anyway, but had to be forced to.The dim light caused her pussy wet face to glisten slightly.I couldn't believe how exciting and arousing it was.His penis was making my clit tingle madly, and I could feel the beginnings of a massive orgasm.
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2012-01-10, 04:44 AM
Mensaje: #133
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You look at me for a moment as I am shaking with want for you, and all in one movement, you fall upon me.Patti's hips and ass began pumping and rotating faster." "OK, sure.When she entered the rainy night, the tears were lost.Finally he got off and filled me with his come.She came a bare second later, as my orgasm pushed her over the edge."Anything you say, Mickey," Eric chuckled and they moved over to the sofa with the volume.The appearances of women is very stimulating to me mentally.
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2012-01-10, 07:09 AM
Mensaje: #134
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Then after you get off work, we go out to EAT.As soon as I read the part about you searching through my soft hair to find the dripping, warm folds of my pussy (I almost never use that word but saying it now excites me so much.), I had to stop for a minute and unzip my skirt.Even from where I lay, all trussed up, too, I could see that he was in agony, not unlike mine, come to think of it.She was tired at this point, but not at all put off at the prospect of more.She returned with the TENS unit and a ring.Chis made a loud noise in the kitchen breaking up some ice, and we parted our kiss, looking at Jill and Pete.Ben's head was covered with the Rita's red hair.She then ran her hands delicately around the various nooks and crannies and then bend down to follow the traces with her tongue.
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2012-01-10, 06:48 PM
Mensaje: #135
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When Bronk came back to our part of the garage, he found Lizzie kissing Amanda deeply on the mouth and laughed at the sight.David, tall, husky, handsome, stood there in his hiking shorts and a T shirt.Nurse Ashley told me that she was concerned about my difficulty in urinating when she wanted to collect the urine sample.Her dark hair and complexion gave her an exotic, almost Indian look that was incredibly sexy.Then, one night, as we watched a real 'dripper,' with come shooting all over the screen, she asked me if I'd like to watch her getting it on with someone else.When you are done, you kiss my thighs gently and come to the center of my desire.I heard from my freinds that she eventually fucked almost every other boy in the neigborhood, but we never again got together like that, nor did we ever speak of it again.My 92 pounds didn't faze him one bit.
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2012-01-10, 09:25 PM
Mensaje: #136
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We gazed into each other's eyes, mouths smiling broadly."Well," said Karen, "there's going to be fireworks, so what better day to have it.During our earlier talking session upstairs I had told her of my fondness for masturbating while a dildo was in my asshole.We also like low lit rooms that help make the atmosphere more enjoyable.It just had to be one of the thickest cocks that I had ever seen, and to tell another truth, I wanted it inside of me so badly that it hurt, if you know what I mean.Whoa boy.My hips strained upward against the chain that held me down as the hot cum poured from my balls and out the end of my shaft.I rolled over slightly and eased my dick back out of her tiny twat, and as my cock head emerged from between her hairless pussy lips, one last spurt of pent up jism held inside my dick from the tightness of her pussy splashed across the bare lips of her slit, covering them completely.
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2012-01-11, 05:39 AM
Mensaje: #137
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Jane and Rita had met in the sixth grade." She paused for a moment, reflecting.My cock is pushing and rubbing against your soft belly.As the ocean comes to meet the sand, so do you come to meet me in every thrust; you plunge into me again and again.Since I plan to do this while you are kneeling over me, I plan to use my lips and tongue on your pussy, sucking your juices as they flow from your cunt and letting my tongue lash your clit as it pokes out of its sheath, searching for excitement.They climbed the hill to the Mansion-the house were Ben lived.How do you define the difference.I did as she told me and she reached between my legs to spread them.
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2012-01-11, 06:28 PM
Mensaje: #138
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and that this knowledge has saved me some embarrassment.Ben was sitting around the house, waiting for one of his friends to call him for a party.I could feel the dildo on my cock through her lubricated vaginal wall.I began to worry she might even leave me for this woman.Although his eyes never left George and Gloria, he definitely knew that Judy was there.Needless to say when he found out that we were telling eachother about his sexual exploits, he dropped us both.(1:107/201.0) Date: Tue Sep 18 1990 20:38:15 From: Dennis Baer To: Caren Somers Subj: Re:Karen's Train Attr: loni ------------------------------- P U L L I N G A T R A I N Part 5 By: Aunt Peg We had agreed that we would let Karen have a little rest after each of the men had at least once chance to fuck her, and Janet set about the task of cleaning her up.I did indulge in some petting with someone other than my husband though.
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2012-01-11, 09:27 PM
Mensaje: #139
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I don't really know." I say.Then, pausing at the entrance of her pussy, I inserted my tongue as far as it would go.She sat down in her chair, and I sat down on the couch, as she reviewed the file and asked me questions: Tell her about previous medical experiences, how did I masturbate, what are my fantasies, had I ever played doctor with other men, etc.I started coming again and she sucked on of my nipples and then pinched the other.Thick globs of it, mingling with my own pussy cream and slowly running from my fuck hole, some of it staying on my pussy lips, some running down a little more onto my thighs.Pete finally pulled out of me, and I felt like I'd been fucked by a horse.Slowly, I climbed in the car over her until my dick hovered right over the top of her slit.
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2012-01-11, 11:13 PM
Mensaje: #140
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Hello to everybody,
Global atomic war will come in 29 dec 2011. See you in another life
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