Welcome to a totally innovator programme of web-traffic derivation. We take the most remarkable side from banners exchange and from text-boxes marketing and we  combine them in the best posible way. Instead of rotating big and heavy images, we offer you the possibility of rotatiting text link boxes.

¿How does the TxtFull links exchange system work?

Our TxtFull exchange rate depends on the quality of the webtraffic you send us. More clicks you send, higher your exchange rate. Members with higher proportion of sent clicks will have a 100& rate. As you select the proper categories for the links showed at the top of your site, your exchange rate will be of around 90%.

TxtFull system gives in a dinamic way credits to its users depending of sent clicks/impressions. Higher proportion, more impressions for TxtFull user.

In case a member doesn't send clicks, TxtFull doens't give him credits to allow him not to loose the impressions he has sent. This ones are maintained in his account, so he is able to send clicks to receive credits.

Finally: you win credits if you send clicks. If you don't send clicks, your sent impressions will be in standy by, waiting you to send clicks to give you corresponding credits.

What you can do is put the code in a more visible place of your site to obtain more clicks. (At least one!)

You will be able to show wherever you want up to 5 links in a Text Links Box. Every link you show counts as an impression. If you show 5 links in your box, you will obtain between 2 and 5 credits (it depends on your exchange rate) for every single page viewed.

One credit is the same as one impression won. For example, if you have 5000 credits, your link will be showed 5000 times.

Exchange rate depends on quantity of users that click in any link you show in your box.

Higher convertion rate, more impressions you win. So, most important than sent impressions is quantity of clicks,

The system, every 24 hours, updates sent clicks and impressions. The user with higher % receives 100% of convertion. The following users in the list receive a convertion rate that depends on the quantity of links and impressions sent by the first user. That's why we encourage our users to focus on clicks and not on impressions. To visualize this, you can see the ranking updated every one hour.

¿How doest the referral system work?

You will always win credits for the referrals you send to Txtfull.com.

50% for level 1
25% for level 2
10% for level 3
5% for level 4
1% for level 5
1% for level 6 and next

This means that if, for example, website X signs up in TxtFull.com recommended by you, for every 100 imperssions won by him, you will win 50%. And if website B is recommended by X, site X will win 50% of the impressions obtained by B and you will obtain 25% of B.

¿What kind of websites are accepted in Txtfull.com?
After you register your site is visited by a Txtfull.com moderator who verifies that it can be included in our network of websites.

We donīt accept:

- Affiliates websites
- Websites that promote the use of weapons, drugs, violence or discrimination
- Websites that promote the use of illegal products, falsifications or scams
- Online casinos websites or gambling-related activities
- Sites about hacking or that allow users to download software or files illegally

Remember that sites with adult content are accepted as long as they are listed under the category adults
¿What are credits for?
One credit is the same as one impression won. For example, if you have 5000 credits, your link will be showed 5000 times.
¿How many links can I show per webpage?
You can show between 1 and 5 links per page, all in one links box. Showing one link, you send one impression, showing 5 links, you send 5 impressions.
¿Can the links be opened in a new window?
For sure you prefer to have high qualified web traffic at your site. Though visitors usually close pop-ups without even looking at them, links by defect will be opened at the same window sof your site. This assures that you will obtain good traffic and not just hits.
In your control panel you can specify that the incoming clicks and outgoing clicks should be opened in a new window. So the visits from your website to another website will be opened in a new windows, and the links pointing to your website will be opened to you in a new window.  
¿How can I take profit from my site?
Register to Google Adsense:

I still have questions!
Get in touch with us and we will answer you as soon as possible.