Welcome to a totally innovator programme of web-traffic derivation. We take the most remarkable side from banners exchange and from text-boxes marketing and we  combine them in the best posible way. Instead of rotating big and heavy images, we offer you the possibility of rotatiting text link boxes.

Welcome to a totally innovator programme of web-traffic derivation.

We combine the characteristics of exchange of banners exchange + ease of text and rotate small text links!

Our system is dynamic! It calculates the number of impressions for each account every 24 hours. The more clicks you send, the greater your exchange rate, reaching between 80% and 100%.


EXAMPLE of the Links BOX:
See another example of the links box

 intercambio de enlaces

Thousands of websites around Internet will put a link to your site and you will link another websites.


  • Simple code
  • Integrate the design of the links box to the design of your website.
  • Specify the URL where you want to receive the visits.
  • Minimun conversion rate of 50%, we garantee a conversion rate between 50% and 100%.


  • Choose in which countries and webs you want your link to appair.
  • Choose what kind of links will appair in the Text Link Box at your site.
  • You can compare and/or transfer credits from one account to othen at any time.
  • You have detailed statistics:
    • Which links are you showing in your site.
    • Which link you show receive clicks.
    • Which sites show a link to your website.
    • Which sites do send visits to your site.
  • Win infinite impressions with webmasters associations coming from your site and the referrals from your referrals, forever!

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