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Privacy Policy

TxtFull.com has the next Privacy Policies related to the information obtained or required of the webs hosted in TxtFull.com

The terms "we" and "our" refere to TxtFull.com.
The information we gather
This news applies to all information gathered by TxtFull.com or sent to TxtFull.com at any time.

The personal identifiable information - when visiting TxtFull.com and registering or using some of the services of TxtFull.com you can give to TxtFull.com information that identifies you personally. For end users, this information may include information as name and surname, genre, date of birth, occupation and industry, information of mailing, numbers of credit cards or other payment information, patterns of behaviour, payments or other information. For Clients, this information can include its name and contact information, website information (name, URL, visitors per day, pages seen per day, description and category), information of payments and commentaries of users

The usage we give to this information
We use the information that you provide about you or others to complete the transaction for which that information is requested. This transaction may include to administer a service, like a search, sale of publicity, community, ecommerce, to complete an order, to respond to support requirements or to contact you if you gave us permission to do it. Except by this privacy policy and the agreement with the user, we don't share this information with thirdparties without your permission unless this is necessary to administer the services that we offer to our clients or end users, or to fulfill answers to orders of cuts or legal or judicial procedures.

Occasionally we will use the provided information to inform you our improvements or new services.

Finally, we will never use or share the personal information provided by you  with reasons not related to the previously mentioned or without providing an opportunity to opt-out of our list or prohibit this kind of usage.

Security on information
We maintain standards and security procedures, and this are designed to prevent the nonauthorized access to your personal information and to safeguard the nonauthorized revelation of that information. Only those employees who are directly attending you or the ones who have a legitimate necessity to know your information, in order to take care of you, will have access to your personal information.

How can you access to your information
Clients can accede to their personal identification, that TxtFull.com collects online and maintains, logging in in their account protected with user and password and selecting "Edit my profile".

To protect their privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before giving you access or making changes in your information.

Contact us
If you have any other questions about this privacy polocies, contact us